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Cartridge Quality

Guarantee of Product Quality 


Don’t let down by other lower grade cartridges, give a go for our Premium Grade Cartridges.

The Manufacturing fact (Aftermarket or Compatible Cartridges)

There are more than 500 Factories/Manufacturers in the market for both compatible and remanufactured inkjet/toner cartridges. Their production sizes vary from 100 workers to 4,000 workers and some with inhouse RD/QC Dept and some don't.

Please note not like Australia factories with 100-500 workers are considered as a small production in China. A brief above may give you an idea that the Product Quality from these different factories are indeed different and vary from 1 to the others. Therefore different Branded Compatible cartridges do not equal.

To ensure our consumers' confidence we have set the highest quality standards and strict criteria in selecting the manufacturing partners for our products to ensure product quality and on-going development processes are maintained. Not the cheapest, but possibly the best quality you could find in the market.          

Our Manufacturing Partners:         

Are the handful of largest Manufacturers of Inkjet & Toner Cartridges in Mainland China with over 20 years of history. Being the earliest Manufacturers in adopting the ISO 9001 and 14001 production standards; with state-of-art manufacturing facilities, only use high-quality materials and monthly production of over 9,000,000 units with strict quality control processes; it can't be wrong. The product quality is at the top-level in the compatible cartridge markets.           

All the inks used for the production of inkjet cartridges are imported from the USA. Remanufactured and compatible laser toner cartridges are selected from virgin cartridges or brand new made and only using high graded toner powder in addition to replacing with industrial standard OPC drums where applicable from Japan and Korea.     


Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We are confident to provide 1:1 replacement guarantee for any defected items, even though this is unlikely to happen.     

Our Inkjet Cartridges Production standards & Features:    

1.       Vacuum-sealed Packing.  

2.       2-3 years of shelf life before opening.

3.       Excellent printing performance.

4.       100% compatible.

5.       Ink made in the USA, Sponge from Japan.

6.       ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified production standards.

7.       Large scale production facilities with over 9 million cartridge units per month.

Our Toner Cartridges Production standards & Features:    

Below chart demonstrates the Major Differences of our Premium Grade Toner cartridges compared with Other Lower Grade cartridges:

  Our Premium Grade Cartridges Other Lower Grade Cartridges


Solid dark and sharp prints Fade prints
2.  Crisp text prints Smudge prints
3.  High-density toner stick firmly onto the printouts Non-sticky toner and peel off from printouts







These non-pleasure printing results due to the low-quality toner powder and sub-class input materials.

While our Premium Grade Cartridges are using:

- Imported toner powder like LG toner powder from Korea and other high-grade toner powder from Japan. More importantly, we using dedicated toner powder rather than generic toner powder for both Mono and Colour toner cartridges to ensure the quality printouts.

- Mitsubishi OPC Drum from Japan and New Doctor Blade from Taiwan depending on each of the cartridge's specifications and requirements.

- Specific smart-chips to ensure stable performance.

Currently, these are the Highest Production Standards you could possibly find in the compatible toner cartridges market.

We are confident and proudly speaking:

You Can’t Go Pass this Quality Level!

Disclaimer: Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera Mita, Lexmark, Lanier, IBM, Nashuatec, Oki, Panasonic, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba & Fuji Xerox printer, photocopier and fax machine manufacturers` brand names, trademarks and logos are the property of their respective holders and while we make reference to brand name merchandise we are in no way endorsed by or associated with these companies who sell ink cartridges, printer ink and toner cartridges.